5 things to remember! 

This is part of the Thoughtful Thursday series. 

Here are five important points for us as women to remember when dealing with figures of authority,especially the police and law.

1. Time doesn’t matter 

In a case of sexual violence; rape or molestation, if the victim comes forward after a lapse of time and files an FIR, the police cannot deny filing the same on grounds of delay. In such cases time is not of consideration. 

2. Technology to the rescue 

The Delhi police has made life a tad bit easier for women by allowing complaints to be sent in via e-mail or registered post addressed to the level of a Deputy Commissioner of Police or Commissioner of Police. 

3. Zero FIR

Under this ruling the Supreme Court has mandated police stations all across to register complaints and file FIR’s in cases of rapes despite it not being under their jurisdiction. 

4. Right to privacy 

The law clearly prohibits the printing/publishing of the name or any other related matter that may make known the identity of the rape victim known, punishable under law. 

The punishment for which can be upto 2 years in jail and fine. 

5. Sun-rise-set 

No arrests can be made before sunrise and after sunset even if a woman constable is present. Only if there is a accompanying sanction by the magistrate will it be fine to do so. 


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