Candy Crush – Part 1

This is part of my Friday Release series: 


“I don’t like this city. Look at how uncivilised the people are. This is the twelfth house we have seen and not one of them has been good. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE,” exclaimed Nisha. Her husband,Raj was equally frustrated if not more, with Nisha and all her antics rather than with not finding a house. 

He was sure that the house would sort itself out eventually. He understood that the move had been a lot for Nisha to handle but this was the only way to move ahead in his career and he had realised that. Staying in Calcutta was doing nothing for his professional life. He calmed himself down, looked at Nisha and said, “I promise to find you a house you will fall in love with. Even if it means looking at a hundred houses, Nisha.”

 “You think I will survive seeing a hundred houses?” she shot back. Thankfully the car stopped at the next apartment their broker was showing them that day. The apartment looked good and was in one of Gurgaon’s posh areas. “Sir, this house you will like. Higher floor, good ventilation, and full vaastu compliant,” beamed Suresh, the broker. Reluctantly Nisha got out of the car, straightened her skirt and walked into the building. The three of them rode in the elevator in silence. Suresh had sensed the unease between the two and decided that the best way out was to remain silent. They got off at the 16th floor and for the first time Nisha was actually impressed with the amount of space the lobby had. Raj liked it too and looked at Nisha tentatively. She was the queen of masquerade, her face would never give away what she was feeling and that left Raj always guessing.
“Sir, Madam, this way,” said Suresh as he rang the bell to the house he was showing them. “Someone living here?” asked Nisha. “Yes, Madam. They are here this week and then are leaving. Angad sir got job in abroad. Lucky house madam,” he continued. Whatever, thought Nisha readying herself to be disappointed again. Suresh rang the bell and waited for the door to be opened. Nisha’s phone rang and she walked away from the door so she could take the call. Angad, who was the tenant of the house opened the door and shook hands with Raj. When Nisha finished her call and turned around Raj and the broker had already entered the house. She went in tentatively and was pleasantly surprised at how airy and sunny the house was. “Raj…..,” she called out since she couldn’t see any of them. Angad walked out of the balcony, he was in shorts and a blue t-shirt. Angad was in his early forties but didn’t look a day older than 30. “Hi, Nisha right. I am Angad. Raj is in the balcony. Would you like to step out or see the house first?” he asked her.  
Nisha was taken in by this man. There was something so sophisticated about the way he spoke. His salt and pepper hair and just his demeanour was so pleasing. Nisha instantly liked the house. Angad showed her around patiently. He explained how summers could get painful since the house was east-west facing and that meant ample sun through the day and afternoon. He showed her the rooms and tip-toed into the master bedroom where his wife was asleep since she was nursing a terrible headache. Nisha suddenly wasn’t interested in the room; she wanted to see the face of the woman who was lying on that bed all covered up like a mummy. “All well?” Nisha asked Angad. “Summers and the heat usually end up doing this to her – a bad case of migrane,” he whispered as he tip-toed out of the room. “Sorry I didn’t show you the washroom that is attached to the room, I don’t want to wake Avanti up,” he said apologetically. Nisha had to almost stop herself from sighing aloud. Men like this exist, she wondered. “This is one of the nicest houses I have seen in Gurgaon,” she said to Angad. “You have done it up really well too,” she continued. “Thank you, I can take credit for it, I am a designer by profession,” he replied smiling at her. “Plus it helps that Avanti isn’t here now, I can get away with saying pretty much anything,” he continued. He had such a mischievous look on his face.
They walked into the balcony where Raj was puffing away on his cigarette. Under normal circumstances Nisha would have frowned upon Raj for it but today she was so taken in by Angad that she didn’t seem to notice even. The broker was nowhere to be seen. “So?” asked Raj. “I like the house,” Nisha said with a glint in her eye. “Let’s take things forward.” Angad had quietly slipped away when the two of them had started talking and was sitting inside when they walked in to the house again. “It’s been a lucky place for us. Good vibes this house gives you. Also helps to have good house-owners. They are anything but intrusive,” Angad said looking at Nisha. Nisha was sold already, she was sure she wanted to live in this house and givn the number of houses they had already seen, Raj had reached a point of just wanting any house Nisha would agree on.

To Be Continued 

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