The Kind Worth Killing – book review 

*book review*

My entry today is about the twisted’ness’ of the human mind. Peter Swanson in this second book of his titled ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ explores a very deep and dark side of the human nature; the urge to kill.  
Ted Severton meets Lily at an airport bar, gets talking, confides in her about his wife’s infedility and his urge to kill her. Instead of being surprised Lily not only seems to understands the urge but also helps him plot the murder. 

The thing about this story is not once do you feel that Lily is wrong, at every turn I ended up feeling empathy for her. I ended up rooting for her, I ended up cheering for her, secretly hoping she succeeded in her devious plans.

The author takes us through the life that Lily has led as a child, as a student, and then as a young adult, and has painted a picture where one always seems to take her side. Her character brings out so much pathos in the reader, I feel. Despite being so twisted and devious I have ended up feeling rotten for what life has done to her. 

This was an interesting tale that kept me hooked. Pick it up if you are looking for a fast paced psychological thriller. 



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