Colour me; red,copper, brown! 

I meticulously lined my lips with the new lipstick and looked at myself in the mirror with complete satisfaction. Up until that moment I had never imagined how much of a difference lipstick could make, not just to the face but also to one’s self esteem, confidence, and the general happiness quotient. 

Growing up I never saw Amma using lipstick very often. It was something that she applied when she went out with Appa for official dinners and parties. Because I didn’t see her using one I didn’t find myself using one either. I didn’t buy or own a lipstick until as recently as a month ago. But I wish I had bought one and started using it earlier, much much earlier. 

So if you fall under the I-don’t-use-lipsticks-category, do yourself a favour by buying one today. Trust me when I say you will love how sexy it makes you feel, and every girl deserves to feel sexy 🙂 



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