Be Kind! 

I’m sitting in the parlour getting some basic things done and thinking of some very heavy duty existential questions. What kind of a person am I? What brought about this train of thought. 

A lady sitting beside me is cribbing away about everything. “Bhaiya, yeh cut theek nahi hai. Yeh fringe ka length sahi nahi hai. Yeh towel ganda hai. Yeh green tea green nahi hai 😝”

 This got me thinking about what sort of person I am. I am generally a non-complaining, peace loving kind of person. The person who was washing my hair got a semi-dry towel and put it around me, I could have jumped up shouting. I chose instead to tell him calmly that the towel was slightly wet and that it would be nice if he could change it. 

I know he appreciated my tone, he spent an extra 10 minutes on my head massage 😜 it always pays to be nice to people. Whoever they are, all the more with people who provide us with a service of some kind. Agreed you are paying them for it but that doesn’t in any way make you superior. So be nice people. 

It gives me so much joy every time I hear my elder one say thank you to our helps. Every time he is dropped off at school in the morning by the driver he thanks the driver for driving him there, the cook is thanked for the food she puts out on our plates everyday. Important life lessons which I am glad my son is imbibing.

So go ahead and be nice, be kind!


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