Oh ah oh

When it comes to working out, I am a complete a-social person. I don’t particularly like working out with people, in groups, or in gyms where there are many people clambering for the same machines. Which is why I enjoy my one-on-one sessions with my instructor. 

Yesterday was cardio day so we had to head down to the apartment gym. I was thrilled to find the gym empty when I arrived. I was huffing and panting on the treadmill when two ‘boys’ walked in. ‘Oh, great, there goes my chance of owning this space for another 40 minutes I thought to myself.’

Over the next half an hour the two boys lifted some weights but made so much more noise. ‘HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ uttered one, as he threw down the crazy weights he was carrying and then the next lad picked up his weights and he joined in and said, ‘AAAAAAAAAAA’. This continued for 8 odd minutes.

Wanting to see what all the fuss was about I decided to try lifting some weights myself. My instructor placed the 5kg weights near me, and just for the fun of it I picked them up saying ‘AHHHHAHHAAHHH’ oh! the expression on the boys faces was absolutely priceless. 

Boys, if you are lifting the weights and making all those grunting sounds, it should be perfectly fine for you to hear me make the same sound when I lift some weights, darling! 


To wrap up my instructor asked me to run around my building. As I started my run, he suddenly said, “ma’am turn around and run.” “What?” I asked. “Run backwards, and run ma’am.” 

So here I am, looking utterly foolish running ulta. Just then, of all the times, I see my friendly neighbour doing his routine evening walk. I smile at him and he returns the smile but is completely bewildered seeing me run backwards. My instructor insists that this routine is good and so I stick to it despite many people looking funnily at me as I prance about like a lost kangaroo. 


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