Pakoda? No, thanks!

“Have a pakoda,” my friend said. I politely refused. “But you must, it’s nice,” she said again. I smiled and said no again. “Are you on a diet again?” she asked. “Yes,” I said enthusiastically. “But why?” She said.

I wasn’t sure I had understood her question so I asked her what she meant. “Why are you dieting now?” She asked again. I gathered she meant now that I had had my two babies, I need not really have to diet. “I’ve always seen you like this, I can’t imagine you in any other way,” she said as she walked back to the couch she was sitting in.

Got me thinking…… Agreed I’ve always been ‘fat’, ‘chubby’, ‘healthy’, ‘over-weight’ etc etc etc but there’s no way that’s how I’d like to stay. Now more than anything I need to pull up my socks and get fit, I’m responsible for two other individuals whom I brought into the world. So I better work my ass off and ensure I stay healthy for them.

What I need to stay fit for now is the run in the park, the many laps in the pool I need to take with the boys, the treks that they will want to go on, and the many other physical outdoor activities I want to be a part of with them.

Don’t take your health for granted, don’t be slack about how you look just because you are married, or have had a baby, or have been in a relationship for a decade. Work on yourself and ensure that you put in all you can to stay happy and healthy.


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