Selfless and hungry? 

There are somethings I like to take time and enjoy eating; sandwiches for example. I like savouring my sandwich and eating it slowly. I eat the edges first and put aside the middle part so that I can eat it at the end of my meal. 

Post motherhood I cannot remember the last time I ate that middle part EVER. Every time I keep that part aside to savour later, the older son comes in from somewhere, it’s like he has a radar and demands for that particular piece alone. 

Now I would be a terrible mother if I said no to him. Well, I have said no, a couple of times 😁 not that it changed anything. He still managed to get his hands on that piece alone and run into the toy-room with a glint in his eyes.  

I cannot be selfish and say no to him, though honestly, secretly I wish I could just say no sometimes. There are moments when I look at the piece being taken away from my plate in slow motion and feel like ‘Ross’ must have felt in FRIENDS when his sandwich gets eaten by someone at work 😳  

 But, I’m a mother, so I can’t complain, and I must be giving, especially to my own flesh and blood. Oh! well. I wonder who comes up with all these. Next time I eat my sandwich or something I want to savour, I’m just going to eat it when the kids are asleep, away, or after I ensure I have fed them their share. That’s a fair deal, isn’t it. 


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