Bhaag amma, bhaag!

I might receive a lot of flak for this piece, but that hasn’t ever really bothered me, so it won’t this time either šŸ˜ I am writing about the new ‘cool’ thing to do; running.


There was a time when gymming was the in thing, then there was Pilates, then aerobics, Zumba, yoga, hot steamy yoga and different variants of yoga came into being. In the last two years or so, running seems to have gained immense popularity. My Facebook timeline is forever flooded with images of people running some marathon or the other, images of them biting into the medal after finishing the marathon, and general celebrations post completion.

It’s great, I love seeing these photos and the cheer it seems to bring to everyone. What I cannot seem to understand is all the gyaan that non-runners receive from the runners. I’ve been at the receiving end a bit too often, what with the husband also deciding suddenly to join the bandwagon and start running. Its a different story that he stopped somewhere in between,he attributes his stopping to the arrival of baby number 2. I don’t see a link, do you? He just needed a reason, me thinks.

So now since I’ve done the other ‘cool’ things like aerobics, yoga, gymming, I have decided to participate in my first ever 5k run this weekend. Now now, don’t judge. Unless I run, how will I be able to say what it feels like, isn’t it? So wish me luck and pray that I don’t collapse before the finish line.


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