Amma can run!

What an apt song is playing as I sit down to write this piece. “IF NO ONE IS WILLING TO STAND BY YOU, THEN WALK ALONE.”

So, I completed my maiden 5 km run today.

What I realised while running was how mentally draining it is to run, forget the physical strain. I say mental strain because if you run with your own rhythm and pace, you will have ample time on hand by yourself on the road. The mind usually wanders to places it shouldn’t when left unrestrained.

Today, as I was running, just after crossing the 3 km mark I wanted to turn around and call it a day but decided to push a little more and finish what I signed up for. The 2 km stretch made me think about so many things that honestly I didn’t even think I remembered. Running as a sport, in my opinion, if taken on seriously and in its true spirit can be deeply meditative.

There was a point in the run when all I was telling myself was, “DO or DIE,” not like I really wanted to drop dead but saying it to myself helped. Imagine saying it in a HULK like voice, over and over and over again.

What I truly enjoyed about the run today was the time that it gave me to myself, to reflect, and to push myself to finish. Also, all the photographs we clicked post the run, what fun they were. I now totally and wholeheartedly get all the euphoria and medal biting pictures I see on Facebook post runs.

collage 1.png

Will I do this again? Hell, yeah 🙂

Note to self: Attempt a 10k by the end of the year, and convert 1 non-runner into a runner.



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