Sharing is caring, really? 

Here comes a confession – I do not like sharing my help. What does that mean you wonder. A couple of days ago my cook came and told me she was asked by a neighbour/friend to work at their house too. I wasn’t happy but didn’t say anything just yet. 

I mulled over it for two whole days, chewed my husband’s brains until he said, “if it is bothering you so much, I’d suggest you tell the cook you are not okay with the arrangement.” Since this was just the advice I wanted, two days later I broached the subject with the cook. 

“If you want to work there please do, but that won’t work for me,” I told her. All the while hoping she’d say she wanted to continue working in our household and would give that new job up. Thankfully she said just that. My logic behind not wanting to share help amongst friends is all the chatter that travels from one house to the other.

Inadvertently ‘news’ from one house always trickles into the other and I completely detest that. I like talking and sharing with friends but at the same time I also love the privacy I have within my home and would hate to see that be disturbed. 

For the same reason I am also very guarded about my doctors. Some doctors have a habit of getting all chatty and saying, “oh, your friend was here yesterday.” I really don’t want to know and for sure not from the doctor. 

Ungenerous you may call me, but I do have my reasons in place, don’t I? 


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