Stay calm, North! 

Characteristically people from the south are different from those up north. I don’t know why but it’s true. Food habits could perhaps have something to do with it. Those from the south eat less of foods that lead to aggression and anger. But I’m not sure that’s entirely a valid argument. 


Last week we were travelling from Madras to Madurai. The flight we were on also had the super famous and sought after movie director Mani Ratnam travelling with his wife and actor Suhasini Ratnam. Now if it was Delhi one would have seen staff from the airline hovering around, loaders carrying their bags, a special coach to take them to the aircraft etc, what happened in Madras was so nice so see. 

The couple checked in, picked up their bags, cleared security, and stood in the same coach that was taking everyone else to the aircraft. No tamasha, no pomp and show. 


I went saree shopping when I was in Madras, after having shopped I walked out of the shop with one small bag in my hand. The staff appointed by the shop came running to carry the bag and put it into the car for me. I politely refused saying I was fully capable of carrying it to the car myself. The man smiled and bowed down and said his job was to ensure that customers left the shop happy. 

I’m mentioning this because I rarely see this trait in the shops in Delhi. It shouldn’t matter if I bought stuff for ₹1,000 or ₹1,00,000/-. But in Delhi it would. If I spent a large chunk of money then I’m sure the owners/those managing the shop would go all out to please me. That’s not the story here. Each customer for them is important. I’m offered a cup of kaapi immaterial of the amount of money I end up spending in the shop. 


So much for the north to learn from the south in this aspect. Stay calm, North! 


One thought on “Stay calm, North! 

  1. So true, Vidya. Have always felt that palpable difference each time I travel out to East, West or South India. It’s a pity how North India is so materialistic, aggressive, volatile, with bootlicking traits.
    That’s one of the biggest reasons I always have wanted to migrate to these parts of the country. But Gurgaon has me glued with gorgeous friends and Gurgaon Moms 🙂


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