Gym diary! 

There is this lovely Aunty who comes in diligently every other day to the gym and just before she starts her work out weighs herself, which is great. What I fail to understand is why she chooses to weigh herself on her way out as well. After walking at 4.5km/hr for approximately 20 odd minutes and a few minutes of stretches later not much of weight loss would have happened. 


Then there is another lovely aunty ji who insists and I must reiterate the insist, on working out only with the AC on. Even if the weather is stupendous. She walks in with a bottle of water, and a hand towel. Keeps them on the table near the entrance and proceeds to shut the windows and turns on the air conditioning. She never checks with the others if they would prefer the windows open or not. She has decided for everyone else in the gym. Now because she is working on the cross trainer which is positioned right below the ac, Aunty doesn’t need the hand towel at all 😁 


Did you know that the only cabaret song that Lata Mangeshkar sang was ‘ Aa Jaane Ja’. Now this piece of trivia I got to know from the gym. You wonder how. The above mentioned aunty ji besides shutting the windows, also changes the radio station to one that ONLY plays music from before my era. So a group of uncle ji’s come in at 6.15 am and one of them is a huge trivia fan. He walks in when Lata Mangeshkar was singing and he immediately said to his buddies, “Lata’s only cabaret song this is.” The others nodded and exclaimed with great interest. 

As you can see I have very interesting tales to share from my work outs each morning 😁😁 


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