Elevator Etiquette

What is it with us Indians and elevators? I was at a mall yesterday waiting for the elevator and in those 5 minutes of waiting went from happy after watching a movie to absolutely disgusted that I decided to even step outside my house. Here’s why:

1. Aunty, once the elevator button has been pressed the sensible thing to do is to wait. Repeatedly pressing the button will not miraculously make the elevator appear at a faster speed. 

2. Dear mother-of-a-young-girl-whom-you-are-influencing-with-your-bad-actions, people who are waiting outside the elevator door are not crazy to be standing there. They are doing so because they want to get in when the elevator gets there. Randomly barging in from somewhere and pretending to not notice anyone else is so not cool. 

3. Hello severely overweight uncle, the elevators have a weight limit for a reason. Waiting a few extra minutes for the elevator to come back to you is not going to change a thing, it would have saved my toe from getting crushed for sure. 

4. Dear young couple, congratulations on being young and being in love and all that. Kindly refrain from showering physical love on each other in an elevator filled with other people. I certainly do not want to witness any sort of public diaplay of love and affection between strangers. 

5. Dear bored Aunty, will it kill you to wait for a few minutes before asking your husband what he would like for dinner tonight? You almost screamed into my ear in the process of ensuring that your husband, who by the way was absolutely disinterested in listening to you, answers your question on the menu. 

When will we ever learn?!?


Pretence here and pretence there!Ā 

So much pretence all around, gets to me. Aren’t you tired of pretending to be a friend? Pretending to care? Pretending to be concerned? Why waste so much energy on doing something that you clearly don’t enjoy doing. 

With age I’m glad I’ve reached a stage where I can say with clarity and certainty that I don’t care if you like me or not, I don’t care if you invite me to your parties or not, I don’t care if you chose to call someone else to share happiness/sadness over me, and I genuinely don’t care if you decide to stop liking me šŸ˜› I’m sure you have your reasons. 

This age is a great thing, it puts a lot of things in perspective. So much of what we run after in our ‘younger’ days suddenly seems so futile now. 

I’m thankful for the things I have, work hard for what I want, and enjoy the moments that I get with those who matter. So I can safely say I’m in a happy place as of now. 

My sincere advice to you is to do the same. Try and be happy with yourself and your immediate circle. Don’t be someone you wouldn’t like to bump into. 

Rapunzel no more!Ā 

I think I was born with long hair, I cannot imagine a time in my life when my hair was short and I am sure if you have known me even for a few minutes you will agree šŸ˜ 

So, gathering a whole lot of courage I chopped off some (read many) inches from my long hair. Why did I do that? Let me tell you. A picture from a play I acted in a decade ago was posted on Facebook a few days ago. Many of my friends saw it, liked it, and even commented on it. One friend said, “is that you ten years ago? You look the same.” Now, that could be a good thing. But it left me wondering why I looked the same šŸ˜³ 

I have always wanted to try something new with my hair but the fear of what ‘people’ might say always held me back. I guess growing older has some benefits after all. I’m not really so fussed about what ‘people’ might say/think. 

So here’s wishing me a happy 32nd šŸ˜˜ have a great year cause you deserve it.