Rapunzel no more! 

I think I was born with long hair, I cannot imagine a time in my life when my hair was short and I am sure if you have known me even for a few minutes you will agree 😁 

So, gathering a whole lot of courage I chopped off some (read many) inches from my long hair. Why did I do that? Let me tell you. A picture from a play I acted in a decade ago was posted on Facebook a few days ago. Many of my friends saw it, liked it, and even commented on it. One friend said, “is that you ten years ago? You look the same.” Now, that could be a good thing. But it left me wondering why I looked the same 😳 

I have always wanted to try something new with my hair but the fear of what ‘people’ might say always held me back. I guess growing older has some benefits after all. I’m not really so fussed about what ‘people’ might say/think. 

So here’s wishing me a happy 32nd 😘 have a great year cause you deserve it. 


One thought on “Rapunzel no more! 

  1. Wow! That’s a great complement someone gave you Vidya ( picture of your 10 years ago) I think you are looking fab and on the way to being a hottie! Haircut truly comes with age!


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