Pretence here and pretence there! 

So much pretence all around, gets to me. Aren’t you tired of pretending to be a friend? Pretending to care? Pretending to be concerned? Why waste so much energy on doing something that you clearly don’t enjoy doing. 

With age I’m glad I’ve reached a stage where I can say with clarity and certainty that I don’t care if you like me or not, I don’t care if you invite me to your parties or not, I don’t care if you chose to call someone else to share happiness/sadness over me, and I genuinely don’t care if you decide to stop liking me 😛 I’m sure you have your reasons. 

This age is a great thing, it puts a lot of things in perspective. So much of what we run after in our ‘younger’ days suddenly seems so futile now. 

I’m thankful for the things I have, work hard for what I want, and enjoy the moments that I get with those who matter. So I can safely say I’m in a happy place as of now. 

My sincere advice to you is to do the same. Try and be happy with yourself and your immediate circle. Don’t be someone you wouldn’t like to bump into. 


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