Ok so I must admit that I’ve watched the fat to fit video of Aamir Khan atleast a dozen times if not more. It’s amazing to see the transformation that he went through all in a span of five months. I’m amazed and inspired.

The inspiration stayed with me until last evening, through the night I was thinking about it. Aamir Khan’s profession demands that he looks ‘good’ and stays fit. He has a barrage of people working on him. His diet, his every exercise is monitored and that is what you see before you. The results are the efforts of all those people who worked on him and with him to lose the weight and get fit. While it is inspiring it is also very deceptive. Losing that kind of weight, especially that stubborn belly fat ( ask me) is a Herculean task and I wonder if it is doable by you and me in five months. 

For Aamir Khan the motivation was the movie and obviously he had to lose that weight to play the part of the younger wrestler. What’s my motivation? Honestly I’m now at a stage, which I am hating, of having zilch motivation. Why should I lose weight? To look good? I look good as I am. To feel energetic? That doesn’t seem to push me enough. To lead a healthy life? I feel I am healthier than many other ‘thin’ ‘slim’ people around me. 

So what do I do? Where do I get that motivation from? I see so many older people wake up so early in the morning to get out for a walk. What pushes them? I wonder. Will that motivate me too? 


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