Mogly’s Camp – Stars, Bonfire, Good Food, Laughter, and Conversations!

Twinkle twinkle little star.

How I wonder where you are?

Up above the sky so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

When was the last time you could look at the night sky and see the stars twinkling?

Spending a night at Mogly’s farm was exciting and adventurous on so many levels. I got to see the stars shine down, and as I sat around the bonfire watching the children laugh and play, I smiled to myself.


The mailer I received said come pitch your own tents, go on a scavenger hunt, dance around the bonfire. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

We did and learned so much more in less than 24 hours that we spent at the farm.


For me, personally taking my older one for this camp was important to explain to him two things: 1) that I could be an outdoor person too, 2) going out does not necessarily mean staying in a hotel. Did I achieve these? Yes!

The excitement started with us having to choose a spot to pitch our tents. Once we chose the spot, we got down to fixing it all up and setting it up. We lay the mattresses, rolled out our sleeping bags and we were set.

Each kid at the farm was thrilled to see their tent all set up. All they would have liked to do was get in and snuggle in.

image_123923953 (10)

The first activity was a scavenger hunt, kids were divided into groups of two and off they went in search of things like something sticky, something yellow, something colorful, and something edible.

Each team felt like they were embarking on a journey, one child took charge of reading out what was on the list and the other firmly held a bag in hand to collect the things.

They ran into the enchanted forest and climbed up the tree house. They walked by the pool and came sliding down the slope.


Each child guarding what their team had gathered, making sure they were the ones to collect them all first.

Take away from this: instilling in them the ability to think on their feet. Something edible the list said; while one team plucked some tangerines, another group got a karripatta leaf. Something yellow saw one group getting marigold and another a leaf, which had turned yellow.

As they were busy hunting, the choolah’s were getting ready for the kids to experience cooking the traditional way. It was a first for me as well, sitting before an open fire trying to make maggi.

The highlight of this activity will perhaps remain ‘maggi’. However, what they learned will also always stay with them.

image_123923953 (8)

Take away from this: The little ones learned how cow dung and wood are used to start a fire. With different kids using different saucepans they also found some maggi getting done faster and others taking longer. The happiness of having cooked their own meal was visible on each of their faces.

No camp is complete without a bonfire, some dancing and singing, and ofcourse sitting around telling each other horror stories.

We did all of that. We also sat in quiet and heard the birds and ducks. It was such a beautiful night!

image_123923953 (9)

With so much excitement for the day, the kids were out like a log.

The next morning began at 6:30 am and off we all went to meet Mahima the gayiya. The kids got to see the milking of the cow and even identified all the vegetables growing there. We found beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, potato, and cauliflower. Each child also got to take home a cauliflower.

The chance to bask in the sun was so inviting and that’s exactly what I did. I watched as the kids jumped up and down on the trampoline and sat there feeling so satisfied.

Will I recommend it to other parents: Oh, YES!


Things to note:

  1. Carry a mosquito repellent with you.
  2. I would recommend sleeping in something full sleeves to avoid getting bitten, it didn’t happen but just as a precaution.
  3. Carry a torchlight and ensure you walk around looking for insects and butterflies.
  4. A notepad and a pen, the setting might just inspire the creativity in you.
  5. A fully charged camera/mobile to capture the moments.

Never go Indigo 

I’m not a first time traveller, I’m not a fussy traveller, I’m also not one to take crazy policies lying down. Indigo, you have enraged the mother in me and I’m sitting in your flight from Mumbai to Goa and typing this out.


I walk into the airport almost an hour and a half before the schedules flight time. I am travelling with my two kids and husband. I walk towards the counter which has a board mzshowing infants. The help staff stops me and says, ‘madam yeh line only for mother and infant.’

I point to my 1.5 year old and say, ‘he is an infant.’ By then your staff has come close to me and asks, ‘you bought infant ticket for him?’ I’m not sure what that means even so say, ‘yes, he is an infant so I have bought an infant ticket for him.’

After this conversation I go and stand in the queue. The loader comes back to me and asks my husband to go to the other queue. Now this is where my issues begin. We are a family of four travelling together. Our tickets are in one mail, what sense would it make to split us up and leave me with two children, one of whom is by now howling.

I tried my best to request, ask, question, and even argue about this policy. I would assume you have a counter for special assistance to work efficiently and offer assistance. But this policy defeats that completely. If my husband were to travel with the infant would he not be allowed to stand in that counter? #sexistmuchisn’tit? #regressivepolicy

Also, when you are printing three boarding passes how is it going to make a difference if you printed one more. I would think it’s better use of the time and resources on hand. #timetorethinkindigo

While I was checking in your staff at the counter asks me to place my bags on the belt, now what’s the big deal about the separate counter if you don’t even help me with my baggage? You saw I had my child in one arm and a bag in the other. For that you say to me, ‘ma’am please ask your husband to place the bags on the belt.’ Come on, for picking up the bags you want my husband to stand around otherwise you were happy to shoo him away to another counter. #whatsensedoesitmake

I ask you why you have that special assistance counter? Is it for the mothers comfort? The child’s comfort? Because neither me or my children felt comfortable. Also, if I were to stand in that counter and check in and then had to wait another 20 odd minutes for the husband to check in, what sense does the special assistance make? I’m waiting around anyway. 

Also, indigo you are not doing me a favour by flying me. So please throw the nose up in the air and we are too good for you attitude out of the window. I understand you work on a low fare model but here’s what I suggest, increase your prices to match the better airlines and then see how many customers stay loyal to your airline. I know I won’t.

#disgruntledcustomer #indigogroundstaffbemoresensitive #nomoreindigo